Club Coffee selected as the 2016 Innovation in Bioplastics Winner for PURPOD100™

PURPOD100™ has earned Club Coffee the 2016 Innovation in Bioplastics award from SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and the SPI Bioplastics Council.

About the Award:

The competition acknowledges the year’s most creative, state-of-the-art innovation in the bioplastics industry.

– SPI selects one company a year for its innovative application of bioplastics materials, products or processes

– Entries are judged on innovation, sustainability measures and marketplace impact

SPI actively advocates and educates about bioplastics. When SPI representatives saw PURPOD100™ at the Innovation Takes Root industry event in Florida earlier this year, they encouraged Club Coffee to submit PURPOD100™ for this prestigious award. Winning the award indicates that PURPOD100™ is a major step forward for bioplastics innovation focused directly on a high-profile consumer need.

The entire Club Coffee and PurPod100 teams are proud to earn this prestigious award.

Past winners are:

  • Avantium, which won the first Innovation in Bioplastics Award in 2013 for its development of a packaging material for beverage makers
  • Teknor Apex won the 2014 Award for the development of compounds with high-impact and heat-resistant properties
  • Eastman Kodak was the winner in 2015 for its creation of a biotoner that contains greater than 90 percent biobased and biodegradable materials

About SPI & Bioplastics Industry:

SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association represents the third largest manufacturing sector in the United States.

The global bioplastics market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 30% to 2020 according to

  • Increasing focus on sustainability and favorable government regulations for green procurement policies
  • New opportunities in the consumer goods and packaging sectors e.g., biodegradable mulch films, compostable waste bags, catering products, film packaging and of course … coffee pods!

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